Political Realities of 2016 Election

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Kasich was ALWAYS a joke. Cruz is an #EstablishmentShill that found he didn’t have the Establishment 100% behind him, likely for a number of reasons, first and foremost, the establishment is still underestimating Trump, and/or Cruz was seen as a bigger long term threat for his actions as a freshman senator tearing down the establishment only to expect their backing when it came down to Trump V Cruz.

If the Establishment is afraid of Trump, they appear to be more concerned with Cruz’s behavior being emulated by future young candidates and have sought to teach all that may follow a lesson, GET IN LINE OR ELSE. In truth, I believe that the establishment’s less than aggressive action to rally behind Cruz was more a product of them realizing their prior two attempts only served to help the candidate they sought to bring down while at the same time hurting the candidate they backed, so my best guess is that they just allowed it to play out without being a party to it, and as we’ve all seen, that failed just as every other attempt thus far.

To be clear. I DO NOT THINK TRUMP IS THE MESSIAH, rather he’s the candidate that WILL beat HRC, and will begin the end of the establishment IF our nation is to survive.

So, in good humor, I share these.