Cannabis Acknowledged Benefits & The Failed War on Drugs

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Our government since it’s very inception should have acknowledged their long standing failure in the so called “War on Drugs”. I’m not suggesting that illicit drugs are a good thing, but I will until my dying day, stand by the statement that follows: The imperial federal government has NO ability to prevent an individual woman from killing her unborn child, yet they harshly convict and imprison adults that choose to ingest substances that the imperial government has decided are unduly harmful to those same adults. What sense does that actually make?
If a woman has free reign over her body, doesn’t a man or woman maintain that right when it comes to substances? This has NOTHING to do with logic and reason. It has everything to do with taxation, power, fear, control, and the prison for profit system that has grown up as an expansion of the military-industrial complex, only now it’s the military-industrial-prison complex.
Make no mistake, prisons are necessary and must remain, but non-violent drug offenses are a shame. Do drugs hurt people, OF COURSE, but so does booze, tobacco, McDonalds, speeding, excessive water, but we are at least for the moment, a SEMI-FREE people.
It’s time to end this multi-billion dollar sham and shame that is this long term failure called the “War on Drugs”. By all means regulate, tax, and squash the black markets and the violence and MUCH greater risks with the product that are all associated with this market, but STOP the destruction that treating users as criminals and distributors as arch criminals, while allowing the manufacturers to continue unabated.
It’s a lie, and a lie that needs to be finished FOREVER, and since we can’t go back, it means NOW.