Social Justice Warriors, the Radical Left & the Forced Subjugation of the 1st Amendment

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Folks, listen, I’m not saying that a company doesn’t have a right to release someone that represents them when they make public comments that conflict with their policies. What I take issue with is the rapid corporate adoption of “anything goes”, as long as you’re not conservative and open about your beliefs.

Maybe ESPN is really focused on maintaining a socially neutral position as a means of attracting the widest possible audience, but I don’t believe that’s the case, as they cited Schilling’s comments as being against ESPN’s policy of inclusiveness. To me, that suggests that corporations are terrified of the radical left and the wrath they can wreak in terms of losing customers, or in this case viewers, but boiling what Curt said down to its least common denominator, yields a comment that’s basic common sense.

I’m not against people that, for whatever reason, believe they were born as the wrong sex. It’s a confusing concept, and that’s just me being real. That said, if you feel you’re a man/woman trapped in a woman’s/man’s body, then I fully support you financing your transition. I do draw the line at allowing men or women, from accessing the bathroom of their choice, while maintaining sexual organs that do match their restroom of choice.

Truthfully, it’s less about these folks, than the twisted freaks that will use this “social justice” concept to advance their perversity, something we’re already seeing happen.

The truth is, Curt Schilling will be fine, and even if he never works another day in his life, he’ll live a better quality of life than most Americans. The bigger problem is the mafia-like attacks on our culture that are attempting and clearly succeeding in framing those of us that fall inside of the VERY wide spectrum of normal, as being intolerant, bigots, racists, ignorant, and every other negative connotation that these social justice warriors choose to use to define us.

We must not allow these radicals to define us, rather, we must aggressively define ourselves. I don’t see a problem with North Carolina’s “bathroom bill”. I do have a HUGE problem with businesses and companies boycotting North Carolina, and doing so publicly, as a means to pander to the radical and highly punitive social warrior movements.

Business is about making money, establishing and keeping a happy client base, and growing that client base, all of which leads to increased profitability. That they’re pandering to an EXTREMELY tiny minority, as a means to get free marketing, as there’s no other reason that justifies the business North Carolina has lost, other than obvious pandering, is repulsive and a flash in the pan moment for the MSM to champion them as being supremely tolerant and therefore “acceptable” in the eyes of the radical left.

I happen to think North Carolina is making an issue that’s much ado about nothing, and could have been left to isolated instances where people felt threatened by an obvious man in a woman’s restroom, and allowing law enforcement to deal with it rather than by codifying it into law. That said, I applaud their courage to essentially say, where does this insanity stop?

No matter what, I support Schilling as a conservative, a modern day American baseball legend and a future Hall of Fame pitcher to say what he believes as a commentator as that’s what he was hired to do, and that ESPN is too cowardly to allow him to add his own views into the equation, so be it, but they are losing one viewer for their absurdity.

So, here’s my question to all of you, and I welcome any and all opinions, where is the line of reason, common sense, morality, and justice that once crossed will invite the silent majority to stand together and say ENOUGH!!! WE WANT OUT COUNTRY BACK!

Let us know what you think, as comments are always appreciated.